Engage your customers in a unique way!

The real challenge begins with creating a relationship with your core or target audience. In order to do this you must constantly challenge your company to think differently. Creating customer loyalty and maintaining a bond with them is more difficult than ever. The key to achieving brand trust and loyalty is by staying relevant with current trends ( not following them all the time) being prepared to implement new ideas will keep our customer base happy, attentive, and loyal.

Stop trying to follow in the footsteps of what other brands similar to yours did. Find out unique ways to engage your customers. The way your brand engage your customers is the best way your customers will be vocal about your brand. Don’t be stagnant and predictable. Find ways to attract your target audience.

Did you know

“The personality and effectiveness of your brand should be felt and conveyed when you are not present to educated a consumer about a product or service”.


Brand Loyalty

Consider these facts from Wyzowl’s The State of Marketing in 2018 survey of hundreds of marketing professionals and consumers:


  • Each person watches an average of 1.5 hours of video per day.
  • When given a choice between video and text on a web page describing a product or service, 72% choose video to get the information they’re looking for.
  • 81% of those surveyed said that watching a brand’s video has convinced them to buy a product or service.
  • 97% of marketers report that user understanding of their company’s products or services has increased thanks to video.
  • More than four out of every five businesses already use video as a marketing tool.
  • 85% of respondents claim that they would like to see more video from brands this year.

Burroughs Tips

These tips are a guide to helping you propel your brand to new heights. 

Burroughs Tip 1

it’s a good practice to surprise your audience refresh your brand every 1 to 1/2 years. People are watching and  reevaluating you more than you think. They are also reevaluating their wants and needs so its fitting that you realign your brand to accommodate your customers and audience.

Burroughs Tip 2

The average consumer don’t have time or energy to figure out what your place in the market is. To often Brands complicate their Mission Statement, Unique Value Proposition, and intent.

 Your brand identity is most useful when you allow it to take different shapes over a span of time. This is NOT about ‘keeping up with the joneses’ rather it is about identifying the direction, core values / culture or the brand.

Burroughs Tip 3

Talk with professionals that will help you reach your branding goals. Our success is based on your success. Treat you brand like a person.

Listed below is the brand identity prism.



The recognizable physical aspect of your brand this can be the logo color scheme package along with the online space for which your brand dwell.

 Personality or Brand Character

 The way your brand communicate with the outside world, specifically a type of voice, font, designs down, or celebrity endorsement.

 Brand Culture

 The value system or basic principles on which brand base it’s behavior.

 Brand relationship.

 The relationship between people that a Brand might symbolize.

 Brandon Reflection

 refers to the reflection of your current customer. The brands most stereotypical buyer marketing operatives can target several markets or customers this represent the top type of buyer.

 Self image

 is the customers ideal self the mirror that the target person holds up to himself marketers can draw up a strategy and approach using this information.





Create a Lifestyle that Inspires Customer Loyalty

 You must communicate positivity and hope with your brand. This vibe will help inspire your customers to be repeat buyers. you must be able to educate and communicate hope with most customer interactions. When a customer feel like they have learned something from you, they will most likely return time after time.Example: Have you ever been to a Foot Locker and it seemed like the sales rep was a “Shoe God?” He/ She was extremely knowledgeable about the products and return policies. They even knew how to order some custom sneakers and get it delivered to your door the next day. This is an example of how educating a customer will no doubltly create a return shopper. This is a tactic know as “Customer retention thru education”

 Today’s customers are armed with super computers in their hands. Smart phones can quickly educate a customer on a variety of topics. This is also the reason why content marketing is an essential part of the marketing branding process.


Timing vs Execution


Understanding the market that your brand belongs to is the best way to manage time execution. In the past there were companies who had new products and services that were once considered strong, but due to timing and execution fails, the company plummeted.


Example 2: Who remembers the “old golden standard” for creating documents on the go? Prior to 2004 ( before the first iPhone) there was a Canadian based company called Research In Motion (RIM) the infamous manufacturer of the “Blackberry” phone capable of editing document . RIM’s timing and execution was horrible when dealing with the creation of the iPhone.

 Timing is everything. You must not launch a product or service when your customers aren’t ready for it or if you aren’t ready to facilitate it all the way through.

 Once your customers are accustomed to excellent service your brand reputation will be on the line each and every time you present a new product or service. These standards must be met in order to sustain your brand integrity.